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Plastic Bumper Repair

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Plastic Bumper Repair in Houston, TX


Bumper Repair

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Bumper repair can be completed in just hours!   Restore the appearance & value of your vehicle!

There are many ways a plastic bumper can be damaged.  We are able to repair torn,
punctured and even textured bumpers. All repairs can be brought back to original factory condition.
Scratched Bumper Repair
Scuffed Bumpers Repaired


  f Do you do plastic bumper repair & repair paint scrapes and scratches? Let us help you reach potential customers by tweeting about your business on our twitter account WeFixBumpers We also have twitter accounts in the major markets that may be in your area. Click Here to see where our twitter accounts are located. Click Here to find out more about getting your business listed. We only allow one business per city!
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